How To Make Lotion Bars

| 1/26/2015 12:57:00 PM

TracyWith farm chores, gardening, working with fiber and playing in the kitchen, my skin takes a beating. Every time I walk through a door, I'm washing my hands. My hands get so dry, they crack until they're painful and bleeding.

Lotion works if you can take the time to let it absorb, and don't mind leaving lotion-y handprints all over everything. It's hard enough to keep my fiber piles under control, without having it all stick to my hands. The answer to all my problems is Lotion Bars! This is lotion that is hard, almost like soap, and that seals and protects your skin from all those things that dry it out.

I've seen lotion bars at farmers' markets and craft shows, but just didn't get what the big deal was. This year, halfway through the cold weather days, my hands were bad enough I had to give it a shot. I bought a little bar at a fiber show and loved it! Of course, like everything I see at craft shows and such, I figured there had to be a way I could make them myself.

I've taken on enough little projects at this point, that I'm used to learning things are a lot easier than I would have thought. That being said, lotion bars are REALLY easy. The hardest part is gathering up the ingredients, because these aren't things most of us have hanging out in our homes. Some items you can find at the grocery or local craft store. Anything else, you can find easily online.


Here's what you need: