How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

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By Candy Kage | Nov 5, 2018

Why would you want to make your own wool dryer balls? They decrease the drying time for your clothes, increase fluffiness and reduce static and wrinkles. Making your clothes look and feel that much better.

Just throw one or two wool dryer balls into your dryer. The wool balls help separate the clothes, allowing hot air to circulate around the clothes, reducing drying time, wrinkles and static.


  • 100 percent wool yarn. Don’t use wool that says Super wash or machine wash. The wool will not felt.
  • Old knee high or nylons
  • Blunt tipped needle
  • String, cotton or acrylic yarn to tying
  • Instructions:

    1. Begin with making a ball out of the yearn. Just sit in front of the TV and wind up your yarn into a ball.
    2. Using your needle draw the end of the year through and under several layers of yearn to hide the end.
    3. Put the ball into the toe of your nylons.
    4. Using your string or cotton/acrylic year tie the nylon tightly securing the ball of yarn inside the nylon.
    5. Place the nylon into the wash with other laundry and wash on hot.
    6. Place the nylon into the dryer and dry on hottest setting.
    7. Repeat 3 or 4 times until your ball is completely felted.
    8. Remove from nylon and your Wool Felted Ball is ready to use.
    9. Just place in your dryer when drying clothes.

    These can be used over and over. Make several to use and don’t forget to make some for your family, friends and co-workers. They make great gifts.

    Photo by Candy Kage

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