Rural Heating With Wood

| 12/30/2013 12:39:00 PM

 Stacking Firewood

Lori HavensAll my life, I've enjoyed a cozy, warm home in the winter. When you grow up in Michigan, you appreciate that warmth after spending time outdoors in the cold and snow! Yes, all my life, I've enjoyed that warmth. And all my life, I've never thought too much about where that warmth came from. In my home in the suburbs of Detroit, we simply turned a dial and pushed a few buttons, and warmth was there.

That is no longer true for me. I’m living in southwestern Wisconsin on my son Bryan’s new farm. Well, actually, it’s an old farm … but it’s new to us! We moved up here in June … so this is our first “rural winter.” We still go back and forth between the farm and the suburbs fairly often, so we've had to be creative with our heating plans.

This summer, my husband got a new furnace for the 100-year-old farmhouse. When we bought the place, there were oil and coal burners still sitting in the basement, though they were no longer in use. We asked that they be removed prior to our arrival ... no small task, but we didn't want them there! 

Oil Coal Burners

By the time we moved in, only the old oil storage tank remained, with its filling pipe poking through the wall to the outside. (We have since had the tank removed.)