Let It Snow!

| 1/19/2018 8:48:00 AM

Tags: snow, sheep, barn, cows, dogs, birds,

farm sign 

It's amazing what a little snow can do to lift your spirits. Its been dark and gloomy for a few days here at Old Home Farm. Then on Sunday morning this week, we got up to softly falling snow! Suddenly it felt like being a kid again. We haven't had much snow here in a few years now, and this was a real treat for us.

Greg and I pulled on our Carhartt coveralls, grabbed hats and gloves and plunged out the door headed for the barn. It wasn't much of a snow for us. The weather radar showed we were just inside the edge of a real snow storm. But it was enough to enjoy and be thankful for.

At the barn the sheep were all waiting inside the sheds for their grain and hay. You can see Bea in the lower shed munching her grain. The little rams are both black, so they don't show up as well. The back half of Bea's shed is blocked off for Bill, the mini horse. He was snuggled down in his bed of hay and was quite content to let the snow fall.

barn in snow

On the walk back, the dogs raced ahead sniffing and challenging each other to play. Even they seemed to enjoy the change in weather.