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| 8/13/2014 9:06:00 AM

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Gina GainesMy daughter and granddaughters moved in with us this spring, and we’ve spent most of the summer trying to rearrange living quarters to accommodate everyone’s needs. Having three generations under one roof is sometimes a challenge, but I wouldn’t miss a minute of it!

Another challenging aspect of the move has been adding another species of indoor pet to the kennel room. Before Lily, my oldest granddaughter’s sweet little Angora bunny, moved in, my two dogs and two cats shared a 4-by-25-foot storage closet that we transformed into a “critter castle” complete with its own heat and air conditioning that keeps the room from going too far below 50 or above 80 degrees. There is also an attached outdoor area with about the same amount of floor space that is safely screened in for our four-legged fur-babies to enjoy when we are at work or sleeping.



When Lily arrived, I remodeled the top shelf in the kennel room to create a 10-by-2-foot hutch for her. On the shelf underneath the hutch, I placed four worm bins to collect and manage the poo and spilled food that sifted through the hardware cloth floor. Underneath the bins is the floor area that the dogs use as their sleeping quarters.


8/15/2014 8:49:14 AM

Gina, I had the pleasure of helping to raise a grand child for the last five years but just a quick as he came to live in my household, he was gone. My daughter and his father decided he should now live with his Dad in Texas which is about 1000 miles away from where I live. So now I'm missing the little guy of almost 10 years old. The fun time in life. He was the only grandchild I had regular contact with. I have two more in Wyoming and three more in Las Vegas. None are close enough for me to see more than once a year. Our culture is one that has family spread all across the country. Enjoy the time you have with your grandchildren because a day will come when they too will leave the household. Have a great learning day.

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