Medical Supplies For The Barn

| 2/10/2015 10:39:00 AM

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Jaymie PierceIf you are raising livestock, than you have probably had some sort of animal in your house. Whether it's because they are sick and you are trying to rehabilitate them, or they are needing to be bottle fed, I'm sure you have turned a room into a small livestock stall. 

I have had plenty of chicks in their brooders in the house. I turn my master bathroom into a hospital and nursery quite frequently. I also have had goats and ducks in the house as well. Where do you keep your ill animals or babies you are raising? I always say, “If you haven't had a hen pecking at the shower door while showering, you haven't lived on a farm.” I love my animals and always want them to live a happy life and be treated the best that I can.

Currently I have a handicapped rooster living inside. I am not sure what is wrong with him, he was sort of a free gift when I bought a goat. They asked if I would take him and I couldn't say no. So, here I am with this poor rooster that I am not sure what to do with right now. He eats well, but he can't walk well and he seems to show signs of some sort of neurological situation. He is a sweet boy, and he may or may not have a lot of time left with us, but as long as I have him he will live out his life being well treated.

We have a nice little fenced-in raised bed garden that we put him out into during the day, if the weather is nice. He seems to love to wander around the best that he can and peck in the grass. We bring him in and put him in his cage in the bathroom at night. It's working for the time being. We plan on building him a little house out in the garden very soon. 

Our handicapped rooster.

When rehabilitating animals that don't fit in the barn, you have to make a choice to cull or do something unorthodox to keep them safe. I am sure there are a lot of opinions on spending time and energy on an animal that has something wrong with it, but when you love chickens like I do, the answer seems so simple. How do you handle an animal that you can't put with the others?

2/12/2015 9:56:25 AM

Jaymie, Welcome to the Capper blogging community. I can see that your knowledge of animal care will be a great asset to the community. I garden on foreclosed properties that I've purchased from the city. Raising animals would be difficult and not something that I'm interested in doing. However, I am not without my property animals. I have birds, squirrels, groundhogs, wild turkeys, raccoon, possum, deer, rabbits and even a snake or two. I'm doing my best to live in harmony with them and plant part of the garden just for them. That would be outside the fences. So my wild rag tag group of garden animals either make it on their own or they don't according to the rule of nature. ***** Have a great day on the Northern Georgia homestead.

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