Snake Proofing the Coop

| 6/24/2014 8:30:00 AM

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Michelle R

When I first started researching about raising backyard chickens there was one topic that kept coming up that had me just completely panic stricken slightly concerned ... Snakes! Almost every book, magazine, and website that I read seemed to view snakes as a 'comes with the territory' kind of predator.

nsa Not wanting to give up my dream of raising my own chickens, I decided that I would do my best to make my coop as snake proof as possible.

First thing I needed to do was learn by other people's mistakes, after all I truly believe in being preventative ... especially when snakes are involved! What I basically found was that if you can keep rats/mice out of the coop, then you increase your chances of keeping snakes out! 

First thing we did was bury hardware cloth about 12 inches all around the base of the coop. This will help with predators that want to dig under as well.


After reading through several forums, I found that snakes can fit through anything larger then 1/4 inch, and as much as I would have loved to use the hardware cloth everywhere, economically that was not an option! I did find though that bird netting is a much thriftier option. Now there are some who will be against the bird netting, because it traps the snake and causes the snake a painful death unless released. I am not one of those people! I have never felt sorry for a snake, and I am pretty sure that I never will! As far as I am concerned it is my biblical right as a woman to hate all snakes! We put bird netting from the middle down all the way around, and also bunched up more at the base.

1/26/2018 10:38:58 AM

A good snake is a DEAD snake

1/26/2018 10:38:57 AM

A good snake is a DEAD snake

7/25/2016 6:55:33 AM

Hi, I know this is an older post, but was hoping you could post an update? I'd love to hear how your snake proofing system has worked out. We are getting ready to move to a new house and the neighbor has just told me there is a big problem with Copperhead snakes. Ugggh! I'm totally freaked out and trying to get a plan together about how to keep us all (including our dog of course!) safe. Many thanks.

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