Why We Raise Meat Animals and Birds

| 4/4/2014 8:29:00 AM

NanaRaising meat animals isn't for everyone. There are some who have accused me of animal cruelty for raising and butchering animals. Others have said they don't understand how I can kill an animal. I know where some of my detractors are coming from. The idea of eating an adorable, fuzzy little animal is repulsive to them. It's OK! I accept that. I would never force anyone to eat my home-raised meat – for one thing, they would not appreciate the flavor, hard work, nor sacrifice.

But, if you eat meat, you may want to think about it before you voice your disdain for homesteaders who raise meat animals. If you buy meat at a grocery store or restaurant, you need to do a little soul searching before you condemn those of us who choose to live a lifestyle closer to our food source than you do. Homesteading has been around a lot longer than buying meat at a grocery store. While it's not for everyone, insulting us for the practice makes as much sense as having a homesteader stand at the meat counter of the grocery store telling you that buying meat there is wrong. After all, those little styrofoam containers of meat covered in plastic wrap used to be cute, fuzzy little animals too.

I think the reason I'm able to raise animals for food without too much struggle is because that's how I grew up. When you grow up on a farm, ranch, or in a family that raises and kills animals for food, it's not usually an issue to do the same as an adult.


Two of last year's broilers raised for the freezer. Tender and delicious meat.

My parents and I didn't live in the country, but I always had animals of some kind. My dad was big on everyone earning a living or contributing to the family in some way. I had a pet rabbit for a while, but my dad raised meat rabbits and I learned what it's like for a rabbit to 'earn a living.'