Meet Our Organic/Certified Naturally Grown CSA Farmer Reuben DeMaster

| 10/16/2013 4:23:00 PM

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M-C HartmanOur CSA Farmer Reuben DeMaster is an entrepreneurial farmer who is always busy adding to his offerings.  For instance, this year he has added a Saturday farm market to his delivered CSA where he not only features his own organically grown produce, but local farm products from other organic growers (such as grass fed beef and honey), his own roasting chickens, lamb, pork, eggs, and some lightly sprayed fruit from nearby farmers.  Because his farm is tucked into the Northwest corner of Lehigh County, PA, he also features some unique and unusual products to entice customers to travel to him.  These include whole grain breads, desserts, and pizza baked in his wood fired outdoor brick oven.  When we arrived he was busy making a Margarita pizza.

Reuben DeMaster with his brick oven.

Reuben and his brick oven. Photo by Mike Hartman.

Reuben DeMaster making pizzas.

Reuben making pizzas. Photo by Mike Hartman.

This year he is also adding in a fall CSA. (Now accepting members.)  He also creatively added a chef this spring to make Saturday evening dinners featuring seasonal dishes created from products grown on the farm, as well as teach cooking classes.  Alas the chef left before we could take advantage of his expertise.  He hopes to add in more children’s education and activities in the future.

10/20/2013 8:48:46 AM

M-C, CSA farming has been a wonderful boost for the small organic gardeners. I don't really need the extra income and really don't have the size to do it but I do give allot of produce away to neighbors and friends on a regular basis during the productive months. I'm planning on expanding the garden size from the 8100 square feet with an additional 900 square feet. I am thrilled that the CSA movement is really catching on as well as the summer farmer's market. ***** Have a great day in the fall garden.

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