Saving the Old Chicken House

| 4/1/2014 11:38:00 AM

Mary ConleyDear Lovers Of Old Buildings,

I recently posted the photo below of what was an old chicken house. A Facebook friend, Jacque Elwood, who used to live in the area, commented that she remembers the building well, and that Helen, who once lived there, always had a porch full of eggs ready for shipping or to sell to neighbors. We really enjoy hearing such memories about our little farm.


I grew up helping my mom with the chickens and eggs, so I was fascinated with the excellent setup that Helen had. This building is big, 20x50 feet, and even though the interior was broken down and contained a lot of junk, we could still see how it functioned. First of all, to have a hydrant inside would be any farm woman’s dream. Also, besides being partitioned off for nesting boxes and roosts, it was obvious that a little room at the far end was for storing chicken feed. How handy! It kinda made me wish I was Helen!

Larry in chicken house