A Walk in the Woods

| 4/16/2018 8:52:00 AM

farm signLast weekend we had a really beautiful day! And as it was around the first week of April, we headed to the woods to look for Morels.

As I've said before, our forty acres have been in the family nearly 100 years. At one time there was an old wagon road that crossed our property. It came along the bottom of the hollar and split into a fork — one road going up hill to the right, the other up hill to the left. We have tried to keep this old road fairly clear over the years and we come down the left fork when we go into the woods.

wagon road

The dogs went with us of course, but Beauregard had to stay on the leash because if a rabbit popped up, or a deer scampered by he would be gone in an instant and might not come home for hours.


We have a great many sycamore trees on the property, which is where you find Morel mushrooms growing. Greg anchored Beau's leash to the feed trough we put down there for the deer, and scouted around the trees hoping for large patches of the highly prized fungus.