Farmers’ Markets

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By Mel Boone | Jun 2, 2015

There are a lot of things I look forward to during the summer months. Produce stands and farmers’ markets are definitely on that list.

I find myself in heaven when I go to the local farmers’ market and get some tomatoes. The taste of a homegrown tomato is absolutely wonderful! Store-bought tomatoes just don’t have the flavor. Sweet corn tastes so much sweeter and oh my, the green beans! Cucumbers and homemade pickles don’t last long at my house.

Here at home there’s White’s Produce. You will find fruit and produce that’s in season plus pumpkins, gourds and mums in the fall, and fresh-cut Christmas trees in December. It’s not a big place, but Mr. White does well during his seasonal business. A plus for me is that it’s right across the highway from my home.

The south end of town has the South Side Farmers’ Market. Fruits, vegetables, garden plants, hanging flower baskets, homemade jelly, honey, cookbooks, and an occasional flea market is what you will find there. There are also knick knacks, plus homemade aprons and homemade cloth purses to choose from. While you are there, check the chickens out in the yard and try one of the homemade fried pies. The pies are delicious!

The one thing I would really like to see at the farmers’ market is a variety of watermelon called Moon and Stars. This is the variety that I remember from my youth, when Grandpa Roe would bring one home. They were, and still are, the best tasting watermelon. As the name implies, on its green skin will be large round yellow “moons” surrounded by smaller round yellow “stars.”

I hope some day someone will start a coop in my area. To pay for fresh produce every week that someone local has grown would be great. I can only grow so much in my limited space. Anything is possible, so maybe someday that will happen.

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