It's Raining, It's Pouring, Hurrah, Hurrah

| 2/11/2014 8:20:00 AM

Pam TinninHere in Northern California, months of drought brought creek, river and lake water levels to an all-time low. However, good news came with a light rain on Sunday, Feb. 2, and it’s been raining some every day since. While it hasn’t been what my late father-in-law called a “gulley-washer,” the half-inch one day, three-quarters inch the next has been cool and wet and very welcome.

Already I’ve noticed green spreading a bit across hills that have held that dry look of summer far too long. I swear you can almost hear the oak, redwood and bay laurel trees slurping up the moisture, while our fruit, olive and nut trees are certainly doing the same. Once we let the sheep out in the morning, they stay outside and don’t often seek shelter under the trees or return to the barn even when it reaches a steady downpour.

Artichokes soaking up the rain 

The artichokes soaking up the rain.

How quickly life changes, especially in the country. Last week, fears of an arid future, this week, according to the weather predictors, it will rain at least through this coming Sunday. While we certainly need more, this just might be enough to change what was looking like a rather bleak year for area farmers, like the neighbor who has vineyards, another who raises olives, and our own sustainable produce operation.

We’ve finished our seed sorting and will be reviewing what we want to buy. We’ll try to keep purchases to a minimum by using saved seeds from the the produce that proved to be popular with customers and produced a high yield. We’ll also use those seeds to begin our own starts in the greenhouse.