One Task at a Time

| 5/6/2014 9:10:00 AM

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Mary ConleyDear friends,

We weren't able to go to the farm for three weeks, so we were not surprised at the amount of work awaiting us. Spring is for planting, but everything else needs attention at the same time. For us, that means a lot of mowing, weeding and thistle patrol. Todd and Nancy had lived there the past three years so there were many hands to share the various jobs. Now, it is just us on long weekends, and with bodies that have slowed down considerably, we need to think, "One task at a time."

Soon after we arrived, we encountered two surprise jobs to take up our valuable time. First, Larry turned on the water to the house, and the hot water pipe under the kitchen sink came apart and quickly flooded an area. Next, we discovered that the wonderful rain, that turned into a heavy wet snow three weeks earlier, was too much weight on one of the netted beds and caused four posts to collapse. Neither repair job was difficult, but they were time consuming. Larry also had other challenges and became quite discouraged. Some days are like that. They are inevitable. At our age, we've run into quite a few of them and know that "this too shall pass." Yes, things got better, and we soon became "farm happy" again!

We prioritized our jobs to make sure the important things got done. I harvested and froze asparagus, transplanted some flowers, planted more strawberries and part of the kitchen garden. I cut potatoes, Larry prepared the ground and we planted them. He also cleaned out the eaves troughs to prevent water seeping into our basement.


This is me with my fifth appendage – my antique spade.

5/10/2014 10:01:57 AM

Mary, this is indeed a busy time of the year. From now until the middle of summer time is at a premium and needs prioritizing. Add in some possible health issues and the over whelming tasks become even more so. This year may become more of working on the bones (fences and pathways) of the gardens than actual gardening. Mowing is enough to keep a person busy right now. Hopefully I will get some planting done this next week when we dry out from the predicated rains. Have a great one task at a time day.

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