Plum Tired

| 6/18/2015 12:37:00 PM

Keri-Lynn OelrichIt happened that day just as it did almost every other day.

"Mom," said 10-year-old Tristan as he walked in the door from school, “I want an iPod. Even Sophia in Grade 2 has an iPod."

Cody echoed Tristan's sentiments. "I'm the only one in my class without a phone," said the 12-year-old. And so it went with my daughter, Iva. Certainly no 13-year-old should be seen in public without electronics. Even Ben at age 4 wanted a handheld Nintendo system.

"This has got to stop," my husband said at bedtime that night. We were tired of it. And that's when we hatched our plan ....

The next thing the children knew we were living on a farm, complete with chickens, goats, sheep and a plum orchard. No sooner were we moved in, the children were collecting eggs twice a day. The goats were rather friendly and Ben enjoyed brushing them. The children painted fences, cut the grass and helped in the garden.

Their indoor play vs. outdoor play ratio switched. A swing in the weeping willow tree kept them occupied for hours and running through the sprinkler became a favorite activity.