The Fog

| 11/26/2013 2:32:00 PM

Tags: Fog, Sun, Dense, Black,

Valerie RootGood Morning,

It started off as a great day. I was behind as usual, but a great day. I ran to town and did my errands, meetings, dropped off Lily then came home. Had sun in town. I am sure the birds were singing. I can't be sure as I had my music on and listening to it but if I had had my window down I am sure that I would have heard them singing in the sun. I climbed the pass and it was sunny the entire way.

I had driven through the pass and just as I came over the top I thought there was a fire somewhere close by. There was a literal horizontal line from the white pristine clouds and sun to the dense, dark, black and dreary fog.

Winter is here, and I guess I was just so disappointed to see it come in like that. No nice clean look. I am going to get into the habit of carrying a camera so I can take some pictures to show you. Maybe this time will be OK because it was just depressing to see such a radical change from one side of the mountain then the other. Of course my side had to be the one with the view of the black fog.

My day is still a great day even with the weather.

Just wanted to share the surprise of such a difference in weather.