Urban Farmstead Friends

| 10/9/2014 8:33:00 AM

A friend's urban farmstead - sunflower

Emily GraceI sometimes wonder if consumers know why their patio pots thrill my soul. I mean, here I am on this big ole farm watching the cows and donkeys graze and I think their patio pots are amazing?

Yes, indeed, patio pots and city gardens and backyard coops (if your city allows it) absolutely delight this farm wife. Sure we are a "big farm" but we don't have exclusive rights to the glories of growing.

We celebrate city roots and urban blooms – metro dirt that yields – and any family that is nourished.

Come with me on an urban farmstead tour and I'll show you the glories I see inside the city limits – where hard-working people know the same things my Farmer and I know – that this age-old job of cultivation is a work of heart and soul and spirit.

A friend's urban homestead - garden