12 Herbs That Your Poultry Love That Love Them Right Back

| 11/16/2015 1:21:00 PM

Rachel Falco12 Herbs for Your Birdies

1. Borage

Borage is an herb which contains phyto-nutrients such as flavonoids, resveratrol, carotenoids and glucosinolates, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron and is high in vitamin C and A. It also contains a special Omega-6 fatty acid called GLA which plays a vital role in joint health, immunity and healthy skin. Sow borage seeds all throughout the pasture area of where your birds free range. This free access will help strengthen their immune systems, prevent infection and disease, help with joint health during growth and provides essential vitamins and minerals for egg and meat production.

2. Chia

Chia is an annual herb that is a member of the mint family. Its seeds are highly nutritious and contain omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin C and all sorts of other nutrients. Sow the seeds in the middle of August in your pasture and allow your birds to self harvest. The omega 3 fatty acids will not only benefit your birds, especially going into fall and winter, but it will also increase the Omega 3s in their eggs which helps you as well. Because chia is in the mint family, the plant also repels insects like fleas and flies while attracting beneficial insects like bees.

3. Dandelion