The Basics of Butchering Chickens

| 7/25/2018 11:20:00 AM

farm signThe spring and summer months are always busy on a farm. First there are new lambs, new piglets, planting garden, and raising chicks. Then comes the harvest and butcher time.

This week, we harvested carrots and replanted the bed for fall. I also harvested my onions and laid them out in the sun for the required three days to cure. They are now hanging on the back porch in a mesh bag.

carrots onions

We take our pigs and the occasional lamb to our local butcher shop, which is family owned and operated. The owner now is of my generation and still does the same excellent job as his father and grandfather before him. But when it comes to the chickens, we butcher them ourselves.

I've been butchering chickens all of my life. I started helping when I was about six or seven because my small hands could reach inside and remove the guts easier than mom's. I didn't mind. Life and death on a farm is all part of the process, and I quickly learned which animals to name and have for pets, and which ones would become food.

butchering chickens