The Keystone Cops Revisited

| 10/26/2015 10:09:00 AM

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Renee-Lucie BenoitA few minutes ago as I was sitting and writing at my computer I heard the familiar Ack Ack and I knew that our guineas were close by. I called out to Marty, "I think we have some visitors!" and sure enough there they were crowding our front step peering in some sort of demented Guinea way. I looked at them and said to myself, "You know if I come to greet you that you will fly away in an instant!"

guineas on the steps

Our Guineas on the door steps of our ranch house.

Why do they peer? I don't know. Maybe good ole fashioned curiosity.  I do know one thing: Guineas have personality and then some! When they see us they immediately come over. Then a few feet from us they stop as a unit and stare. It's like they're saying, "Jeepers, do we really want to get that close?" If we decide to greet them and come closer they turn around and start Ack Ack Ack-ing and run away.  What are you thinking, little birdie? They're curious but they have a safe zone bubble into which one does not intrude.

Our little Guinea experiment has been a continuing success. They have not driven anyone stark raving bonkers with their unbelievably loud squawking. But they have picked clean any and all insects that come in their way which is a good thing and a bad. The good thing is recently we had spate of perfectly awful stink bugs and sure enough the Guineas came over and took care of them.


12/17/2015 9:41:13 AM

hello Renee, I enjoyed your posts I read. Am sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend Anna, it is so sad and hard to loose someone special to you. God bless , hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I love this time of year.

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