Protect Your Pet From Pests

Safeguard your pets from fleas and ticks this summer.

| April 23, 2012


A few good practices, such as regular treatment for fleas and ticks, can prevent your pet from being pestered this summer.

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Warm weather brings the opportunity for pet owners to enjoy the great outdoors with their furry friends, but it also brings the risk of flea and tick infestation.

Veterinarians across the country are expecting an abundance of fleas and ticks this year, due in part to warmer winter temperatures in some areas of the nation.

“Fleas and ticks are more than simple nuisances for your pets,” says Laura Petree, DVM, Manager of Technical Services for Central Garden and Pet Company. “They can cause your pet discomfort, and in the case of ticks, put your pets and your family at risk for a variety of diseases.”

Dr. Petree says flea eggs can account for 50 percent of a domestic flea infestation. One adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. If your pet has 10 fleas, your problem suddenly multiplies to 15,000 fleas in a month.

“In order to effectively protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks, you need to address any initial infestation problem, then keep the problem from coming back,” she says.

Take care of your pet and your family by having the right prevention and treatment options for your furry family member.

5/28/2014 7:34:21 AM

According to nearly everything I have read, all ticks bite and feed from a host. It is, however, only the female tick that swells dramatically when feeding. I found the last line of this article to be misleading! It states in the attached article that it is the nymph that is most likely to bite, and that stage is what I have been dealing with all spring!

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