Hunting Range Cattle in Moffat County, Colorado

Youngsters take their mother at her word while hunting for their range cattle on a Moffat County, Colorado homestead.

| Good Old Days

Wide open range, wild range cattle, no horse, no dog-and our few cows were out there somewhere. In 1916, when my brother was 12 years old, and 1,10, and we lived in Moffat County, Colorado, we had the job of finding the cows and bringing them home for milking.

One evening, after hours of fruitless walking, we went back without them, and our mama told us "to find those cows and don't come home without them."

We took a lantern, for it was quite dark, and we hunted. When we couldn't tell a cow from a cedar tree, we used a light from the lantern to start a small fire. We alternated resting and searching until about three o'clock in the morning when we gave up and struggled home.

Mama and our sister were in the yard calling, even shooting a gun to attract our attention. We had not heard a thing.

We really got told off! But when Mama gave an order, we thought she meant it like she said it. 

Mary J. Feuerborn
Grand Junction, Colorado

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