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| 9/6/2013 12:52:00 PM

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KellseyThe “river” in The River Farmer is the murky and mysterious Kansas River, also known as the Kaw. The river has a constant presence on the farm because it is within 100 yards of where we work every day. I love to start my mornings at sunrise watching the river and drinking my coffee for a few minutes.

The Kansas River begins where the Republican and the Smoky Hill rivers meet and moves swiftly along for 150 miles before joining with the Missouri River. It can be terrifying because many people have died in this river, as I suppose is the case with most rivers. I have heard many stories of children playing on the sand bars, and within seconds, the sand shifts and the kids never seen again. I remember a teacher in high school that died while canoeing on the Kansas River. Harrowing tales indeed.

River at Sunrise

River at Sunrise

But the river invokes a thoughtfulness that I have come to appreciate. There is a lot happening under the surface that we don’t see. An ever strong undercurrent can quickly sweep away anything that enters its seemingly calm waters.


9/7/2013 9:04:55 PM

Kellsey Ann, my area in Nebraska where I live has three major rivers, the greatest of these being the Missouri. We too have had our share of lost souls in the river. The Missouri is the fastest river in North America because for the sake of flood control the Corps of Engineers have squeezed it between dikes which makes it run fast. I love those pictures of your state flowers. I tried to raise some this year but alas the ground hog ate them off to the ground before they even got a good start .... twice. The wild sunflowers he just left alone. I'm not sure why he liked the giant sunflowers so well. Have a great river sunrise giant sunflower day.

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