The Vanishing Icon

| 9/1/2017 11:32:00 AM

 farm sign

What is a farm without a barn? Barns used to be essential to farm life. A place of refuge for the animals. A place of storage for feed, tools, and a variety of other necessities. A place to sit and listen to the rain on the tin roof. A place of mystery and adventure for the farm kid. A place to find new kittens, hunt eggs, milk the cows (or goats), and house baby lambs or calves.


Sadly, the American icon is vanishing. I took a look at the barns in our area, and found many in disrepair, or fallen into heaps of rotted wood and tin. In their place are new metal structures that often look like a giant carport simply to house tractors or rolls of hay.

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(Correction to a previous blog: Daddy was drafted in 1943. I have his draft notice to prove it. But I always think of World War II as 1945 as that is when it ended and I just typed that year and then failed to notice when I did my proof). When my Dad got home from service in World War II, he used his savings to build a barn for the family farm. He and my grandfather built it by hand and it still stands today. It was used for milking the small herd of dairy cows, as well as a place to put the tractor, the tack for the mules, store hay, and provide shelter for the cows in time of storms. Greg did a painting of it in its original state before he did some restoration.