The Winter Blahs and Piddling in the Garden

| 3/13/2013 3:57:00 PM

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My Field TripIt has been a hard winter, not so much due to snow and cold as to this depression. My mother passed away a year ago March 10th,
2012 and still I am bogged down with this sadness.

Spring is close now, so close I can smell its promise and just as it renews life in our gardens it seems to be lifting my spirits as

My friend, Cheryl has started her ghost hunting again. You can see her exciting ghost hunts at She has been instrumental in keeping me alive this winter. Friends have the power to do that - keep you going when all you want to do is stop feeling pain.

I am looking forward to getting into my garden! I’m trying not to do too much because spring can surprise you with a quick moving storm. I know from experience that a surprise storm can ruin your garden hopes. About four years ago an ice storm came through at the end of March and killed my Japanese Lilly bulbs. That was a beautiful flower and each year it came up it bore an addition to the original flower. I was so excited to see how many blooms would appear that year, but I was caught off-guard and uncovered.

This time of the year, I do some cleanup of leaves, and limbs but not too much. I call it piddling around the garden. I like to pull some of the leaves away to see if the Tulips are starting to come up, but then I cover them back so the weather won’t get them.

It’s just great to be outside in the sunlight and warm air, but it won’t be long, not now.

3/18/2013 3:34:06 PM

Susan, I too have that itch to be outside digging in the dirt but I've learned to have patience. It's better to guess on the late side than on the frost bitten side. The weather here in Nebraska has been diabolically bipolar. One day is 60 degrees for the high; the next day is 25 degrees; the next day is freezing rain with snow; and the next day is 40 MPH winds. Hopefully, things will settle down soon as much has to be completed before garden planting time. I have two main garden projects for this year and I'm really getting antsy to start working on them. Have a great day of garden anticipation.

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