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Practical advice for the farm and home. Household solutions, outdoor living, pets, poultry, livestock, outbuildings, and crops.

A Walk in the Woods

By Leah

Looking for mushrooms and other items of interest on a beautiful day in April.

Second Hand Bargain Shopping

By Georgia Kemp Caraway

Find useful tips for buying and selling second hand items.

Homesteading: Hard and Rewarding

By Renee-Lucie Benoit

Why do you want to have your own homestead?

Let It Snow!

By Leah

Snow fall in the Ozarks.


Fits Like A Glove

By Leah

A look at farm clothing and accessories.

Capper's Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Family

Find some great gifts for the whole family – men, women, and children.

Capper's Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Kitchen & Camper

Find the perfect gift for someone who loves cooking whether in the kitchen or the camper.

Have Hammer, Will Travel

By Leah

How I helped a friend repair a chicken run.