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Western Nebraska Wiped Out Cattle Herd

CAPPER's Staff

Blizzard on homestead in western Nebraska wiped out an entire cattle herd.

Alberta, Canada Homestead: Rounding Up Cows on a Steer

CAPPER's Staff

A homesteading boy in Alberta, Canada trains a trusty steer in an unusual way.

Encounter With Timber Wolf Motivates Homesteader to Finish Door

CAPPER's Staff

Woman with young children encounters a timber wolf in her doorway; door gets finished shortly thereafter.

Keep Pets at a Healthy Weight

Family Features

Signs your pet is overweight and tips on how to help them lose the extra pounds. 


Make Your Future Healthier

Family Features

Tips for making healthy, long-term changes for a healthier future. 

Buddy: The Pet Rooster Who Changed a Family

By Brian McGrory

Coming to love a cocky rooster and learning how to live with animals helps one man grow up. 

A Christmas Home: From the Author of 'A Dog Named Christmas'

By Greg Kincaid

A community fears that even collaborative effort won’t save the local animal shelter in a small rural town in this fictional — but timely — story for the holidays.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Family Features

Keep your pets safe this Halloween.