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Practical advice for the farm and home. Household solutions, outdoor living, pets, poultry, livestock, outbuildings, and crops.

Pet Nutrition

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Choose the right food for your pet.

Build a Budget-Friendly Grocery List

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Save money while getting needed nutrients. 

Kansas Settlers Had Fine Mare Horses

CAPPER's Staff

Kansas Settlers had mare horses trained so well it left an impression on neighbor homesteaders.

Panther Strikes Fear Into Homesteading Hunter

CAPPER's Staff

Homesteading hunter gets a rude awakening when he realizes he's about to become a panther's next meal.


Retirement Planning Tips

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These tips will get you on track so you’re ready when it’s time to retire.

Second World War: K-9 Corps and Dogs for Defense

CAPPER's Staff

During the Second World War, Ernie Archer donated his collie, Scott, to Dogs for Defense, an organization that trained dogs for the K-9 Corps.

Playing in the Dirt

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A new report shows dirt makes children healthier and happier.

Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

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Simple ways to help you save your hard-earned money.