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Protect Your Pet From Pests

Family Features

Safeguard your pets from fleas and ticks this summer.

Baby Banzai

By Shana Thornhill

The tale of the life of Baby Banzai.

Chicken Addiction

By Shana Thornhill

The story of my chicken addiction.

Patience Thy Name is Eagle...Bored Thou Art a 9 Year Old

By Janann Giles

The Raptor Research Project has followed a pair of Eagles near Decorah, Iowa, for many years. The first of three eaglets is expected to hatch between March 23 and 25. Our family is fascinated watching this bit of nature we couldn't otherwise see.


Chicken Run

By Shana Thornhill

My carefully planned new shipment of chicks came in today . . .and brought an extra adventure with it!

Depression Era Fun: Work Horses and Haystacks

CAPPER's Staff

Nebraskan recalls riding work horses bareback and jumping into haystacks with her siblings during the depression era

Depression Era: Girl Rode a Horse to High School

CAPPER's Staff

Nebraska woman rode a horse to high school during the depression era, and recalls having to swap her jeans for a dress before class.

The Great Horse Escape Part 2: The Sequel!

By Shana Thornhill

It's a good thing my neighbors are great people - even the ones I haven't met yet. Thanks to them I have my horses back!