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Corn Planting With a Plow During the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Missouri woman remembers her father during the depression era, undertaking corn planting with a horse-drawn plow.

Postage During the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

Arkansas woman remembers having seven cents of spending money over six months during the depression era, which she spent on postage.

Growing Up During the Depression Era: My Shetland Pony and the IGA Grocery Store

CAPPER's Staff

A depression era teen remembers working at one of the first IGA grocery stores, and earning extra money with his Shetland pony

The Great Horse Escape Part 1

By Shana Thornhill

The adventure of catching an escaped black horse at dusk.


Depression Era: Dairy Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Kansan recalls running a depression-era dairy farm in his youth.

Wedding Gifts During the Depression Era

CAPPER's Staff

The wedding gifts that one Nebraskan woman received saw her family through the lean times of the depression era

Trucks in the Snow

By Shana Thornhill

The epic saga of me getting stuck in a snowdrift after we moved to our farm.

Pleased To Meet You

By Shana Thornhill

The story of how we got here and who we are.