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Rendered Lard in a Copper Boiler: Chores on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Kansas woman recalls rendering lard in a copper boiler, caring for chickens, and other chores of her childhood on the family farm

Growing Up on a Family Farm in Southeast Kansas

CAPPER's Staff

An Oregon woman fondly remembers her favorite cat, farm chores, and living on her family farm in southeast Kansas

The Seasons: Rhythms of Life on a Family Farm in the 1930s

CAPPER's Staff

A Kansas woman describes how the seasons shaped life on her family farm

Baby Chickens on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

A Wisconsin woman talks about hatching baby chickens in an incubator with her mother in the 1930s


Hard Work and Geese: Growing Up on a Missouri Family Farm During the Depression

CAPPER's Staff

A Missouri woman talks about how her mother's hard work around their family farm, and hobby of raising geese, sustained their family and helped put her through college

Farm Fresh Eggs on the Family Farm: Not Without Their Risks

CAPPER's Staff

A Michigan woman tells how she raised chickens for farm fresh eggs, and relates a humorous anecdote about a close encounter with one of her family farm's roosters.

Keeping Geese on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowa woman relates the story of how keeping geese on her family farm was an electrifying experience

A New Cow on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowa woman recounts how her family farm's first cow escaped and had to be recaptured