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The Chicken Yard: Raising Chickens on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Working in her family farm's chicken yard provided livelihood and fond memories for a Mississippi woman

Barnyard Orphan: Angus Calf Raised by Hand on Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

One morning in the barnyard of her family farm, the author finds an orphan calf, and after looking for the mother, decides to raise it herself

Chester White Hogs Made Good Pets on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

An Iowa woman reminisces about the Chester White hogs that her family raised on their homestead

Ornery Livestock on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Oregon woman relates how, as a child, her livestock often made life interesting on her family farm


Raising Geese on Family Farm Helped Put Iowa Woman Through College

CAPPER's Staff

Raising geese during high school on her family farm gave one woman the added funds she needed to pay for her education

Holstein Bull Was a Troublemaker on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Oregon woman remembers a close encounter with a yearling Holstein bull while cycling to school from her family farm

Wild Blackberries: Blackberry Jam and Mischief on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

While picking wild blackberries for blackberry jam, a woman comes upon a berry-thieving duo of family farm animals

Farm Boys: Childhood Pranks on a Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Louisiana man remembers the story of a prank played by his brothers on a rice farm in the deep South