Farm and Home

Practical advice for the farm and home. Household solutions, outdoor living, pets, poultry, livestock, outbuildings, and crops.

Riding Monday Creek

By Gina McKnight

ATVs are perfect for farm and fun. After a long week of work, take your ATV off-road to a National Forest near you!

Wildfire on the Homestead

By Renee-Lucie Benoit

Nothing strikes terror into the heart of a homesteader as much as wildfire.

Cute Raccoons, Peaches, Sweet Corn, Mulberry Trees, and Reality

By Mary Conley

When it comes to our crops it's us against the raccoons, and we are out to win.

Eating Your Curds and Whey

By Mary Lou Shaw

By using natural, raw milk from her cows, Mary Lou Shaw explains how she makes dairy products including butter, yogurt, and a variety of cheeses.


Women Farmers Turn Entrepreneurs

By Lisa Kivirist

Women farmers must overcome the poorly fitted tools designed for an industry dominated by men.

A Smaller Place to Call Home

By Mel Boone

My thoughts on tiny homes and school bus conversions.

Share the Joys of Homemade Living!

Give the gift of Capper's Farmer and share the joys of homemade living with your friends and family! Capper’s Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

Property Lines

By Mel Boone

Knowing where your property starts and ends.