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Farm Boys: Childhood Pranks on a Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Louisiana man remembers the story of a prank played by his brothers on a rice farm in the deep South

Family Farm's Work Horses Gentle with Small Children

CAPPER's Staff

A Michigan woman tells childhood stories about rationing, sugar beets, and work horses on her family farm

Fresh Air and Freedom on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Pennsylvania woman relates her experiences with farm life while growing up on the family farm

Starting From Scratch: The Story of the Hardman Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Grandaughter shares the story of how her grandparents built their family farm in Kansas


Roedel Family Farm: A piece of Michigan History

CAPPER's Staff

A Michigan woman recalls the history of her fifth-generation family farm

Remembering Growing Crops on the Family Farm

CAPPER's Staff

Growing crops and eating together helped build community on our family farm.

Bringing Home a Puppy

Courtesy Family Features

Tips for successfully introducing a puppy to his new family.   

Adopting a Shelter Pet

Courtesy Family Features

Make one of millions of animals needing a home part of your family by adopting your pet from a shelter.