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Used Farm Implements Lost in River Crossing

CAPPER's Staff

Panicked ferryman shoves team and wagon filled with used farm implements and household goods into river.

Streams Difficult to Cross in Covered Wagons

CAPPER's Staff

Lead team of horses pulls out team and covered wagon floundering in stream.

Grasshopper Swarms Defeat Attempt to Save Lilac Bushes

CAPPER's Staff

While grasshopper swarms eat bushes and covers, the lilacs survived to bloom the next year.

Grasshopper Plague Hits Weeks After Settler Arrives

CAPPER's Staff

New Kansas homestead wiped clean after grasshopper plague strikes in summer of 1874.


Grasshopper Plague Destroys Corn Crop

CAPPER's Staff

Grasshopper plague in 1874 descended as a black cloud blocking out the sun.

Bears and Wolves Killed Livestock in Wild Wisconsin

CAPPER;'s Staff

Couple leaves Wisconsin where bears and wolves killed livestock; traveled to South Dakota and endured blizzards.

Woman Remembers Exciting Covered Wagon Days

CAPPER's Staff

Ox team and covered wagon days were exciting, says one who lived through them.

Grandmother's Pioneer Stories Kept Children Spellbound

CAPPER's Staff

Being chased by a panther was among grandmother's pioneer stories.