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Pioneer Stories: Toddlers Lost in Wheat Field

CAPPER's Staff

Among mother's pioneer stories is tale of toddlers lost overnight in a wheat field.

Children Walked Behind Covered Wagons

CAPPER's Staff

Walking behind covered wagons, children spotted mountain lion.

Timid Woman a Definite Kansas Pioneer

CAPPER's Staff

Bellowing, long-horn cattle follow Kansas pioneer home.

Woman Diverts Cattle Stampede

CAPPER's Staff

Young mother waves red-checkered tablecloth to divert cattle stampede away from garden and home.


Wolves Drove Family Back to Kansas Homestead

CAPPER's Staff

Settlers stay on course toward Kansas homestead as wolves nipped at horses and wagon.

Covered Wagon Sheltered Family From Cattle Stampede

CAPPER's Staff

A roar warns young woman of impending doom, as she and child hide in covered wagon.

Rattlesnake Skin a Sign of a Real Pioneer

CAPPER's Staff

Rural schoolteacher kills rattler, then saves rattlesnake skin and rattlers.

Cash for Buffalo Bones

CAPPER's Staff

A load of buffalo bones netted settler a couple of dollars.