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Herding Livestock Attracted Gray Wolves

CAPPER's Staff

Recollections include herding livestock across Nebraska to Colorado.

Toddler Bit by Rattlesnake

CAPPER's Staff

Covered wagon train stops for meal and toddler is bit by a rattlesnake.

Events Centered Around Buffalo Hunts

CAPPER's Staff

Blizzard only one strange occurrence during buffalo hunts.

Deserted Homestead Was Home to Big Panther

CAPPER's Staff

Pioneer family moves to a homestead with a desert cabin that proved to be a big panther's sleeping spot.


Making Camp Ends Quickly Because of Snake Den

CAPPER's Staff

Different campsite a necessity after covered wagon awakens snake den.

Big Panther Diverted From Hunt

CAPPER's Staff

Woman throws down garments to distract big panther from hunting her.

Herding Cattle Leads to Papoose Offer

CAPPER's Staff

Indian offers ponies for daughter during family's trek herding cattle.

Railroad Stories: Night Track-Walker for Katy Railroad Was Lonely Work

CAPPER's Staff

Father didn't mind peaceful job of working alone on Katy Railroad.