Farm and Home

Practical advice for the farm and home. Household solutions, outdoor living, pets, poultry, livestock, outbuildings, and crops.

Why Would Anyone Become an Urban Farmer?

By Melissa V. Willis

With all of society’s conveniences within easy reach, we are choosing to do things the hard way. Now, why on earth would we do that?!

Farm Machinery: Then and Now

By D.J. Glawson

A short dissertation on the differences between modern farming machinery and the ones my grandfather used.

A 1924 Guide to Perfect Poultry

By Chris Otto

You don't have to be a poultry farmer to have an appreciation for the hard work that went into this 1924 edition of The American Standard of Perfection.

Past, Present and Future Homesteader

By Lisa D. Johnson

Growing up with homesteaders, I never thought of myself as one until recently.


Heritage Harvest Festival 2013

By Donna Rae Barrow

Donna Rae shares her experiences from the 2013 Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello.

The Magic of Farmers’ Markets

By Keith Stewart

The local farmer’s market offers patrons fresh, seasonal foods and a feeling of community that is often lacking at large supermarkets.

Foggy Morning Dreams

By Pam Tinnin

A small family farm seldom makes you wealthy – there aren’t too many trips to Europe and the retirement plan can be pretty “iffy.” But farming brings its own rewards, those that in the end mean far more than the lights of Paris.

A Yearning for Land

By Mary Conley

We married young and moved to the city, where jobs and responsibilities to our four children choked out dreams of any other lifestyle.