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The Winter Blahs and Piddling in the Garden

By D. Susan Rutz

Winter is finally ending and the hope of spring is in the garden.

How Cattle Drives Worked

CAPPER's Staff

What was it like on cattle drives in the mid to late 1800s? A cowboy's tale offers insight into a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas.

Dog Saves the Day on North Dakota Homestead

CAPPER's Staff

Thanks to a cattle dog on a North Dakota homestead, the local population's crops and homesteads were saved from a stampede of cattle.

Hunting Range Cattle in Moffat County, Colorado

CAPPER's Staff

Youngsters take their mother at her word while hunting for their range cattle on a Moffat County, Colorado homestead.


Peppering Cattle With Bacon Bits

CAPPER's Staff

Unusual way of peppering cattle in southern Missouri; even by homesteading standards.

Breaking a Horse in New Mexico Territory

CAPPER's Staff

One cowboy bucks the traditional game while breaking a horse in New Mexico Territory.

Cattle Problems on Northwest Oklahoma Homestead

CAPPER's Staff

Cattle present a huge challenge for homesteaders in northwest Oklahoma.

Exchanging Cattle Pleasantries on Old South Dakota Land

CAPPER's Staff

Cattle hands offer awkward exchange over lunch on homesteaders' South Dakota land.