Capper’s Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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By Staff

Capper’s Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Check out these cool gift ideas for the 2017 holiday season.

By Capper’s Farmer Editors

Six years ago, the Capper’s Farmer staff decided to put together our first-ever gift guide to help give our readers some great gift-giving ideas. It’s been so well-received, that it has become an annual tradition – and one we thoroughly enjoy sharing. So, if you’re looking for great gifts for loved ones this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. This year’s gift guide features lots of fun and exciting products for the whole family.

Happy holidays from all of us at Capper’s Farmer.

For the Family

• All-Natural Soaps
• Armrest Remote Caddy
• Baby Stroller
• Bathroom Scale
• Children’s LEGO Sets
• Children’s Personalized Bookcase
• Cool Clothes
• Farm-Themed Children’s Storybook
• Learning Toys
• Multipurpose Water Bottle
• Stylish Sneakers
• “The Bible Story of Christmas”
• Toy Storage Organizers
• Travel Bags & Totes
• Walkie-Talkies

For the Kitchen & Camper

• All-In-One Kitchen Appliance
• Baby Items for Mealtime
• Baking Dishes
• Coffee Grinder
• Compost Crock
• Cooking Utensils
• Digital Kitchen Scale
• Food Prep & Preservation Products
• Indoor Grill
• Induction Set
• Knife Sharpener

For the Yard & Garden

• Garden Tote
• Mini Weeder
• Multipurpose Garden Produce Basket
• Pole Saw
• Telescoping Ratchet Loppers
• Weed Sprayer

For the Car, Shop, Home & Craft Room

• Blowtorch
• Circular Saw
• Drill-Driver Project Kit
• Jumper Cables
• Lighting
• Mower/Vehicle Battery Charger
• Printer
• Sander
• Shop Tools & Lighting
• Windshield & Side Mirror Covers

Published on Oct 27, 2017