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Cast-Iron Collector

Now that the weather has turned nice and warm, yard sales have started to pop up. I look forward to going to yard sales every year. It seems that for each new year, I have something new that I am looking for. This year, with a little luck, I hope to add to my cast-iron skillet collection.

I must admit up front — I don’t know much about cast-iron skillets. I’ve had little experience cooking with them. I hope to learn as much as possible, since I would like to be able to use them to cook with on a regular basis at home. Plus, I want to be able to use them when I go camping. I would love and welcome any advice from those who have years of experience cooking with cast iron! (my email is deeregal2@gmail.com)

I remember years ago my stepdad used cast-iron skillets. He liked to cook in them. Then it came time to clean. After having them rust because he used soap and water, he quit using them. Oops! Well, lesson learned for me by watching someone else’s mistake. I now know the wrong way to clean them. I’m pretty sure that I’d better learn the proper way to season and clean them before I actually try to cook in one.

So far, I’ve have about five pieces in my collection: four skillets of various sizes, plus a dutch oven with a lid. It’s like any collection that I have — I can’t have just one. (Isn’t that a slogan for a potato chip company, too?) So off I go on my quest to every yard sale, estate sale, and swap meet to find more pieces that I just can’t live without!

With any amount of luck, I’ll find more pieces to my collection. With some words of wisdom, advice, and recipes from others, I’m sure I will have a lifetime of joy using these pieces!

Photo by Adobe Stock/manuta

  • Published on May 2, 2017
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