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Homemade Holiday Gift Jars

Holiday gift jars are a great way to show your loved ones they’re special. It’s also a fun project for kids, as well as a great teaching tool to show them that the best gifts are homemade. Children will enjoy measuring, bagging and assembling the jars, and they’ll feel a sense of pride over their finished product.

Before beginning your project:

  • Determine how many jars you need to assemble.
  • Make a list of all ingredients needed.
  • Collect or purchase attractive glass jars, 1- or 2-quart depending on the recipes you’re using.
  • Arrange all ingredients on the counter or table, in the order they’ll be used.
  • If there is more than one person working on the project, assign each person to one particular task, such as measuring ingredients, adding ingredients to jars, writing out recipes to attach, or decorating jars with festive ribbons or bows.
  • Plan to make a couple extra jars for last-minute gifts, just in case!

Holiday Gift Jars:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Hot Cocoa Mix
Gingersnaps Recipe in a Jar

  • Published on Nov 22, 2011
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