Easy As Pie!

| 12/3/2013 3:37:00 PM

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Lisa JohnsonPie. Apple, cherry, pumpkin and pecan. All kinds of pies!  I grew up loving pies. My grandma was always making some type of sweet treat and in the fall especially, she would make pies. I remember the sights, sounds and the smells. But I never stayed in the kitchen long enough to learn the process. I was more interested in being outside trying to catch one of the new barn kittens or hoping for a chance to get close to a neighbors horse.

My mum made pies too. She made sure that I took part in it by helping her peel and cut the apples. By then, I had a horse of my own, and the apples kept my attention because I knew that I could take the peelings to him!

As a young adult, I still left pie making to my grandma, mum and aunties. Thankfully my mum had learned Grandma's pie crust recipe by heart.

In recent years, I decided that I wanted to learn to make pies. I needed to. I enjoy looking through cookbooks and watching cooking shows and many of them made pie crust seem like a challenge. I got the impression that some people are scared of making pies. I guess I was a little bit too. It seemed daunting.


My mum was more than willing to come over and lead me through the process and teach me the same way that Grandma had taught her. My grandma had a recipe but didn't need to use it! Mum has an original copy of it. Years before, she had written one out for me. I was finally able to get it out of my recipe box and use it. It doesn't look anything like her copy. Mine is on a crisp white recipe card. All of the ingredients and the instructions can be clearly read. Mum's has the patina of many years of use. It is smooth and the once-white recipe card is brown. It has little spots and splashes on it.  The writing is smudged and a corner is torn away.