Garlic Salve For Coughs And Colds

| 12/15/2014 11:36:00 AM

Annie MillerI love garlic. I love it on pizza and brushchetta, sautéed in soups and stews, and roasted with a lovely chicken. Thankfully, my husband loves it too so I am in good company.

Garlic contains properties for great health benefits. Allicin and diallyl sulfides make garlic a natural antibiotic. Organically grown garlic reportedly shows a higher level of sulphur, which enhances its therapeutic benefits.

To receive the greatest, therapeutic benefit from garlic, it must be used raw. For best results, begin using at the first sign of sickness.

Garlic Salve Ingredients

Take 6 to 8 cloves raw, organic garlic (any garlic is better than no garlic, so use what you have).

Mince the garlic. My favorite garlic press is by Pampered Chef; it even peels the skin for you. If you don’t have a garlic press, you can take the flat side of a wide knife and lay it on top of the garlic. Bring your other hand down firmly to crush the garlic under the blade. Repeat and dice, if necessary. Enjoy the lovely fragrance.