Never Thought I Would Cook With Lard

| 2/11/2015 12:08:00 PM

Amy ConleyAs I was eating a lard biscuit that I had made for dinner, I was saying to my husband, “I never thought I would be cooking with lard.” His response was, “You never thought you would be doing a lot of things that you are doing now.” He was so right.

A few years back, I would have thought cooking with lard was disgusting. Yuck, who eats pig fat? I read Capper’s Farmer and GRIT regularly so I have read the articles on the comeback of lard, but it still sounded gross to me. I have also been on a health kick the last couple of years and figured it was terrible for you.

My LardOf course, I was wrong and I am not afraid to admit it. We raised a pig over the summer and took him to the butcher in the fall. I didn’t want to be wasteful so I asked the butcher to save me the pig fat, that I would try to make lard out of it. As I was doing my research I found out that lard is an excellent source of Vitamin D and, since the sun doesn’t shine much in Central New York, that is good news. It is also lower in saturated fat than butter, and since I am trying to keep my LDL and HDL cholesterol numbers in check, that was even better news.

Pig FatSo the pig fat went into the freezer for a while until a cold winter day when I needed a project.

It was the easiest project ever.

I decided to grind it through my Kitchen Aid grinder attachment first before rendering it because I read that the smaller the pieces the more it renders. To me it was not the most appealing smell in my kitchen. Once most of the fat was rendered, I strained it and put it into a mason jar.