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Quick Cook Ideas: The Versatility of Broccoli Slaw

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By Chef Elizabeth | Jan 23, 2015

Everyone looks for shortcuts in the kitchen especially during the weeknights. I suggest you pick up a package of broccoli slaw or even prepared coleslaw and have it as a staple in your kitchen. It is affordable, the work is done, and it is delicious.

When I’m busy on the farm, I like to have prepared broccoli and or carrot slaw in my fridge. I find that I reach for it all the time to add color, freshness, nutrition and crunch to my dishes.

There are two main ways to use Broccoli Slaw:

  1. Make a Slaw: by that I mean dress and season it, and use it as you would any coleslaw – eat it as is or get creative and use it as a topping or filling.

    1. Use it Raw: by that I mean no dressing – use broccoli slaw as a mixed vegetable to add flavour, color and crunch and, yes, nutrients. You can chop it or process it and use it as a nutritious filler for your meat or fish loaves.

    Or try one of these suggestions:

      • On top of grilled chicken, pork, beef
      • As a “bed” for grilled chicken or seafood
      • On top of burgers or hot dogs
      • As a garnish for chili
      • Use in fish or crab cakes
      • On top of a lobster roll
      • As a filling in po’ boys
      • Inside a submarine sandwich
      • Inside a fish taco
      • Add golden raisins or dried cranberries like Mom used to
      • Add to rice or quinoa
      • Mix with kale for a nutritious salad
      • As a topping for pulled pork
      • Inside a tortilla wrap
      • Add it to soup
      • Add it to or top a bowl of pho
      • Inside salad rolls
      • On top of any salad
      • As a slaw to serve with salsa and tortilla chips
      • As part of a stir fry
      • Mix it with Asian noodles and dressing
      • Chopped, it can be used in a veggie “burger”
      • Chopped, it can be used inside meatloaf, burgers or meatballs
      • Chopped, use it inside stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls

      Chef Elizabeth
      Read more at my website.

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