Knives Fit for a Lady to Collect and Use - Glass Knives

| 7/27/2012 1:48:00 PM

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People have made knives from glass starting back in the Stone Age.  Obsidian knives were knapped, like arrowheads, and were crude at best.  Long after man had moved out of caves and into houses there was a point when glass was popping up in the most unusual objects including once again knives.    It was during the Great Depression that the term glass knives took on an entire new meaning.

I have a friend with a collection of glass knives: pink, blue and clear.  Bennie frequently displays them at knife shows and I have spent time asking him questions about the knives.   Truthfully, with the exception of the photos of food being cut, all the other knives and boxes are part of his collection.  He speaks highly of the sharpness of his knives but says a chip makes them almost worthless.

 Three Glass Knives by Vitex Glas

The glass knife I purchased isn’t as sharp as Bennies.  It has quite a few nicks on the cutting edge but standing in the antique store I knew I wanted that knife, flaws and all.  What’s the allure of glass knives anyway?  I can think of various reasons:  They were made in the USA; they are unique and most important for me is the fact that I’m rather an addict for items from the early part of the 20th century.

Sliced Tomato 

Remember, it was a time before the widespread use of stainless steel.  Acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus would tarnish carbon blades but not glass.  That was the main selling point for the knives by both the Dur-X Company and Vitex-Glas Knife Company.  

7/30/2012 10:31:27 PM

Janann, I've heard of ceramic knives but never glass. I would suspect them to be extremely sharp just like ceramic. I have my favorite knife as I think all people of the kitchen do. It's just a plain old serrated metal blade knife that I use to cut vegetables and meat but not bread. It's just a great utility knife that just feels right in my hand. My daughter has a little bigger knife with finer serrations on the blade that is her favorite. I have many kitchen knives but those two are the most used. I'm thinking you are talking more about a collection of knives and not those used in the daily kitchen preparation of meals. I'm just not big on collections of any thing that can't be used daily. Have a great glass knife day.

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