Preserve Your Beet Harvest with Beet Relish

| 11/25/2013 9:36:00 AM


Erin SheehanWe had a fantastic beet harvest this year from our home garden.

We wanted to try something new with them so I spent some time hunting through Grandma’s cookbook to find a way to use some up.  

With a little searching I found my grandmother’s handwritten beet relish recipe that she had tucked into her 1931 Successful Farming Cookbook. Her recipe was very simple – beets, horseradish, cabbage, onion, vinegar, salt and sugar. My mom said she didn’t remember having them as a child, and she sent to me the beet relish recipe from the Ball canning book. I decided to use Grandma’s recipe with a few tweaks from the Ball book.

Grandma's recipe

Most of the ingredients were homegrown. The beets and the red pepper came from our garden. The cabbage was given to us by a gardening neighbor. Finding horseradish turned out to be a bit of a project. I scoured a farmer’s market and two grocery stores without success. Finally at the local food co-op, the produce manager found some in the back, apparently they sell so little they don’t display it. Lesson learned, next year we’ll be growing our own horseradish!