Chef Elizabeth’s Classic Black Forest Cake

| 6/19/2015 12:49:00 PM

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Chef ElizabethSummer is in full swing and it is wonderful to have a show-off cake in your repertoire. My Classic Black Forest Cake always gets rave reviews and is a stunning summer time dessert. Something magical happens after the combination of cream, cherries, chocolate and Kirsch, a cherry based liqueur. The cake recipe is so simple and makes a delicious and moist cake. The real time-consuming element is the assembly.

I know it may seem complicated, but you can use a cake mix if you are pressed for time. If you are not good with a piping bag, you can just spoon little piles on top of the cake – or eliminate the rosettes altogether. I would not use a canned whipping cream dispenser as the cream melts so quickly.

European cakes often call for simple syrup, which is simply water and sugar combined in equal amounts, brought to the boil to dissolve the sugar, and then cooled. Leftover syrup is perfect for mixed drinks (I was once a bartender and this is one of their tricks) and in fruit salads.

Kirsch may be hard to find – you can substitute another liqueur if you like or omit it altogether if you do not like alcohol in your cakes. By the way, Kirsch is that secret ingredient in Swiss Cheese Fondue.

Chef Elizabeth's Classic Black Forest Cake 

Chef Elizabeth's Classic Black Forest Cake

7/18/2015 7:44:17 AM

Chef Elizabeth, man, I sure wish I lived next door to you and could be the offical taster of blog recipes. I am not so much a baker. I did dabble with baking bread but that was more than three decades ago. Everyone raved about the bread but what's not to like about baked bread warm from the oven with real butter melting and oozing down in the creaves. I just don't seem to have the time to reinstate that bread baking. It took all of five hours from the start of mixing the dough through to the coming out of the oven. I have much admiration to my grandmother's generation that baked on a daily basis. I still remember her baking bread and biscuits on that old corn cob fired cook stove. I marvel at what came out of that old stove. Have a great black forest cake day.

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