Bread Baking Made Easy

| 1/29/2014 3:42:00 PM

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Erin SheehanJim and I bake our own bread, rolls and pizza dough. I use the dough cycle of our bread maker for pizza dough and rolls. Jim does it all by hand.

Baking bread is not hard, just time consuming. Allow yourself several hours. You won’t be busy that entire time, but you’ll have to stick close to home until you’re done. The time investment is worth it – once you’ve tasted your own homemade bread, you will never, and I mean never, want to eat store-bought bread again.

Homebaked bread 

Here’s Jim’s easy-to-follow recipe for two loaves:

Wheat Bread

2 tablespoons yeast

2/4/2014 10:43:16 AM

Hi Kathleen - thank you for the comment. I will do a blog post on rolls - thank you for the idea! It's a breadmaker recipe. Coming soon!!

2/4/2014 10:42:34 AM

Hi Mary - thanks for the comment. I've only used the zucchini milk in bread, rolls and pizza dough so far. It's a great use for those massive zukes that hide in August!

kathleen wiltsey mccarroll
1/30/2014 12:25:33 PM

Can you post the recipe you use for the rolls you have pictured above. I've been trying to find a recipe for years that works, but I haven't been successful so far. Thanks!

1/30/2014 7:21:31 AM

Great idea about the zucchini milk, which I've never heard of before. I do make zucchini pancakes and nut breads which we love. Do you use it in anything else?

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